Cforcupcakes: from cupcake to cake and café

Cforcupcakes started from a passion project by Clara in 2010. Who starts from a humble beginning of baking and decorating custom cupcakes, from the comfort of her home. Her cupcake business naturally evolved into a custom cake business, and later cafe.

Driven by her love and talent for baking, Clara crafts a fantasy world on every cupcakes and cakes, with cute, whimsical and adorable characters that will bring out your childhood memory and warms your heart.

Soon with the help of social media and massive following in Instagram, her stunning design attracts the attention of many others, making her one of Indonesia’s most popular cake maker on Instagram.

Cforcupcakes online masterclass

With her in-house workshop always sold out and months of a waiting list, now you have a chance to learn how to build a fantasy world on a cake with Clara, from the comfort of your home/kitchen.