Winnie the Pooh



In this class, Clara going to teach you how to make characters from a very famous series, Winnie the Pooh. There’s going to be 4 characters in this class, Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and also Eeyore.

Not only that, but Clara also going to show you how to make several gestures, each character have its own gesture, making them unique from one another. Applying different gesture also makes the overall result more exciting and adorable.

Clara also going to teach you how to make the correct skin tone for each character. Other than the 4 main characters, Clara also going to teach you how to make other decoration elements to complete the final look of the cake.

This class going to be a bit different from the previous classes. Usually, there are only 1 or 2 main characters per class, but this class going to teach you 4 main characters along with several decoration elements. That’s why the assembling process going to be a bit different than usual. Clara going to teach you how to assemble all the elements and create a perfectly harmonized result.  

There will be an English subtitle to help you understand the class better.

What will you learn
  • Making 4 different animal characters

    How to make the correct anatomy of animal characters, which you could apply to other animal characters in a similar category. For example, you can apply the anatomy of Pooh to a bear character, Piglet to rabbit character, Tigger to tiger character, and Eeyore to horse or zebra character.

  • Making adorable gestures

    How to make a different gesture to each character, which not only interesting but also making each character unique and alive looking.

  • Fondant coloring technique

    How to make different skin tone for each character, because all the characters in Winnie the Pooh have different skin tone.

  • The technique to make a tree shape as a cake base

    How to combine fondant and cake base into a tree cake base.  

  • Making 3D decorations

    How to make several decoration elements to complete the final look. The trick to making a “flying” effect for the bees. And also making the other elements.

  • Assembling cake with 4 main figurines

    How to assemble the 4 main characters and the other elements into a perfectly harmonized result.

What You Get
  • 7 Streaming HD video lessons with any time, anywhere access. Mobile friendly too.
  • Downloadable class resources, including a printable supply list
  • Hours of close-up, step by step instruction
  • Exclusive contents, this master class is created based on the original design by Cforcupcakes
  • Valuable tips and tricks, shortcuts, trade secrets from Clara, based on years of experiences in the custom cake business


  • 8 lessons
  • 01:24:16
  • Introduction 00:00:49
  • Part 1 : Covering dummy cake base 00:12:12
  • Part 2 : Making the ornaments 00:14:12
  • Part 3 : Making the characters – Winnie the Pooh 00:11:29
  • Part 4 : Making the characters – Piglet 00:09:46
  • Part 5 : Making the characters – Tigger 00:12:23
  • Part 6 : Making the characters – Eeyore 00:10:26
  • Part 7 : Assembling the cake 00:12:59