Peter Rabbit: Rustic Fondant Water Coloring



In this class, Clara going to teach how to apply a rustic style watercolor technique on fondant. How to combine colorings with alcohol, and how to apply that color to the character and other decoration elements.

Not only watercolor technic, Clara also going to teach you how to apply textures to a character and some elements to achieve realistic and natural looking result.

This cake design show Clara’s perspective of Peter Rabbit, so the design will look more unique and special. This class going to show you how to make several gardening elements.

Clara also going to show you the tips to cover 2 different cake, real and dummy cake. What’s the differences between covering real cake compare to covering a dummy cake.

All class will be conducted in Bahasa, with English subtitle. Do not worry … the material is very easy to understand. Clara will show you how, instead of telling.

What will you learn
  • The differences between covering real and dummy cake

    Tips and tricks to cover real cake using fondant, and the different process that need to be prepared compare to dummy cake.

  • Making 3D Peter Rabbit character

    The technique to make a 3D Peter Rabbit figurine which not only unique in style but also as cute as the original design.

  • Rustic watercolor technique

    How to apply watercolor technique with the right process to reach a correct color gradation for a dimensional and natural looking rustic style result.

  • How to mix the coloring

    What kind of coloring is used, how to blend the coloring nicely with the alcohol, and what tools needed for the watercolor technic.  

  • Apply textures

    On the character and the other decoration elements to make them looking more alive and as realistic as they could be.

  • 3D gardening elements

    How to combine 2 or more different fondant colors into pretty gardening related ornaments such as flowers, vegetables, pot, watering pot, and etc.

  • Manually carving a calligraphy name

    How to make a calligraphy style name using manual technique that doesn’t require a calligraphy tool, suitable for the theme of this cake.

What You Get
  • 15 Streaming HD video lessons with any time, anywhere access. Mobile friendly too.
  • Downloadable class resources, including a printable supply list
  • Hours of close-up, step by step instruction
  • Exclusive contents, this master class is created based on the original design by Cforcupcakes
  • Valuable tips and tricks, shortcuts, trade secrets from Clara, based on years of experiences in the custom cake business


  • 14 lessons
  • 01:11:45
  • Introduction 00:00:28
  • Part 1 : Covering Real Cake Base 00:05:43
  • Part 2 : Covering Dummy Cake Base 00:06:35
  • Part 3 : Making Peter Rabbit Figurine 00:10:45
  • Part 4 : Making Watering Pot 00:08:17
  • Part 5 : Making Fences 00:02:10
  • Part 6 : Making Signage 00:02:56
  • Part 7 : Making carrots 00:02:36
  • Part 8 : Making Cabbages 00:03:52
  • Part 9 : Making Pots 00:02:18
  • Part 10 : Making Flowers 00:02:30
  • Part 11 : Watercoloring on Fondant 00:13:59
  • Part 12 : Assembling the Cake 00:06:39
  • Part 13 : Making Calligraphy 00:02:57