Alice in Wonderland: Whimsical Fondant Cake Decorating


Class Overview

In this comprehensive beginner’s class, you’ll learn how to create a whimsical Alice in Wonderland fondant cake decorations, with Clara from Cforcupcakes as your expert guide.

Along the way, discover essential tools, materials, and techniques, tips, and tricks including how to work with fondants, learn the anatomy of a cute figurine, learns the secret to creating a super cute and adorable looking figurine, teapot, teacups, mushrooms, flowers, and many other elements.

Clara will show you the detailed step by step guide that is easy to follow, even for beginners.

All class will be conducted in Bahasa, with English subtitle. Do not worry … the material is very easy to understand. Clara will show you how, instead of telling.  

What will you learn
  • Mastering fondant

    How to cover a cake with fondant for a smooth result, how to work properly with fondant, how to color fondant, how to avoid cracks and fix cracks on your fondant. 

  • Learn how to works with various fondant tools, silicone mold, and plunger
  • Learn how to create a cute figurine body

    From getting the anatomy right to creating the arm, hand and fingers, how to dress up a figurine: shoes, skirt, petticoat, and apron

  • Learn the secret of making an adorable looking figurine face that made Cforcupcakes so famous on Instagram

    How to properly sculpt the face, tips and tricks to create that “alive looking” eyes, adorable mouth, and easily create a figurine’s hair in a few easy steps.

  • Learn how to create all the decorations on this Alice cake ( 15+ different objects).

    Learn how to create roses without molding, a teapot and it’s flower decorations, cute teacups and it’s decorations, and all the other elements in this Alice in Wonderland cake, such as cards, butterfly, mushrooms, door, clock, and signs.

  • Learn how to create a various different texture on fondant.
  • Learn how to work with edible paint and write on fondant.
  • Learn how to assemble a cake, to make all the elements comes together

What You Get
  • 14 Streaming HD video lessons with any time, anywhere access. Mobile friendly too.
  • Downloadable class resources, including a printable supply list
  • Hours of close-up, step by step instruction.
  • Exclusive contents, this master class is created based on the original design by Cforcupcakes.
  • Valuable tips and tricks, shortcuts, trade secrets from Clara, based on years of experiences in the custom cake business


  • 14 lessons
  • 02:24:25
  • Introduction 00:01:29
  • Part 1 Explaining Fondant 00:02:32
  • Part 2 Making Base or Grass 00:03:31
  • Part 3 Covering Dummy Cakes 00:08:07
  • Part 4 Making Tea Pot 00:17:51
  • Part 5 Making a Cup 00:07:37
  • Part 6 Making a Card 00:06:01
  • Part 7 Making Mushroom 00:03:49
  • Part 8 Making Fence & Signage 00:08:33
  • Part 9 Making a Flower 00:05:40
  • Part 10 Making Butterfly 00:01:30
  • Part 11 Making Clock 00:06:22
  • Part 12 Making Figurine Alice 00:45:18
  • Part 13 Assemble Alice Cake 00:26:05